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Women Selling with Confidence

A comprehensive sales training and coaching course for female entrepreneurs and women in sales that help you feel more equipped and confident when wearing your ‘sales hat’.


Women Selling with Confidence will not only teach you every step of the sales cycle and how to execute each one with confidence, it also addresses mindset around sales and tackles limiting beliefs.


Women Selling with Confidence is the right fit for you if:


  • You are an entrepreneur and have never gone through formal sales training

  • You have any of these feelings about sales

    • Fear of rejection

    • Worry about coming across too pushy

    • Fear of being judged

    • Need help defining and executing daily habits that increase your bottom line

    • Are uncomfortable with objections from the prospect

    • Fear of the phone

    • Have trouble asking for the business

  • You have a desire to increase revenue and are ready to take the steps necessary to make it happen

By the end of this program you will have:


MINDSET SHIFTS that will eliminate beliefs like you’re being too pushy, you’re not proud of ‘selling’,  or you’re afraid of being judged


ESSENTIAL SELLING SKILLS so you know how to build a solid relationship with your prospect and won’t miss important steps along the way


OVERCOME THE FEAR OF REJECTION so you never worry again about hearing the word ‘no’, asking for the business or asking to get paid exactly what you deserve for your product or service


DEVELOPED HABITS utilized by top sales performers


LEARNED HOW TO ASK FOR THE BUSINESS in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or salesy


LEARNED HOW TO HANDLE OBJECTIONS instead of walking away from your potential new sale because you don’t know what to say



But above all else . . .


            Women Selling with Confidence will give you the confidence to fearlessly engage with your prospects in a way that will help them get what they need and want and allow you to grow your business exponentially, a true win-win. Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business?


Jill L

"I spent many years making assumptions about what my clients wanted, and often didn't feel confident that they were interested in what I had to offer.  When the opportunity to take the Women Selling with Confidence course was presented to me, I decided to take the plunge.  Confidence was what I was lacking, so I was intrigued.  I am thrilled to say that I am able to see and present the benefits of my service as if I am offering a gift.  It now feels natural and authentic when sharing, which exudes confidence.  I am thrilled with my new mindset."